Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Waist Chain - An Accessory that Completes Your Traditional Look

A waist chain is a traditional chain worn on the waist. It is also known as belly chain. Traditionally, in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Marwar regions, a waist chain is referred to as “kamarbandh” This ornament is also known as kamarkas, katisutra, katibandha or kasabandha where Kamar or Kati means waist and bandh means bond or belt. In Southern India it is known as “Udiyanam” or “vadannam”. Kamarbandh is supposedly the origin of the word cummerband as we know it today.

Waist Chain

Historically waist chains have been very popular among women since thousands of years. A study of ancient carvings, sculptures and paintings dating back to Indus valley civilization reveal that waist chains were prevalent in those times and were pretty popular with women. In some regions waist chains were worn by men as well. They were worn to signify the affluence or status of men within the society.

Waist chains are generally made of superior quality metals like silver or gold. The use of diamonds, precious gemstones and kundan accentuate the look of a waist chain. Waist chains worn in regular wear tend to be single chained while those adorned by brides are multi layered to give a heavy look appropriate for the wedding. Waist chains made of pure gold go well with silk sarees. Waist belts with diamonds are preferred for ghagra cholis with heavy embroidery in silver or white hues. Kundan waist bands in red and green are all time favourites and go well with any saree or ghagra choli. Traditional sarees and ghagra cholis are markedly created in these all time favourite basic colors like maroon crimson, deep green, bright red and hence kundan waist bands in those colors can never go wrong. If the color of your wedding attire is a little on the quirky side you can always get a waist belt custom made with colorful gemstones while using a matching or contrasting color scheme.
Vilandi Waist Belt in Gold Plating. Image Source: Benzerworld

There are various options for jewelry available on http://www.benzerworld.com/ worn on the face and neck of a bride. But if a bride wants to complete her traditional look, she needs other jewelry as well like  waist chains for waist and anklets for her ankles. As a piece of jewelry, a waist belt is not just classic but also royal. Without something as beautiful as a waist chain, the midriff of a bride would look bare and boring. A waist chain not only looks stylish but also helps to keep a traditional attire like saree in place. So flaunt  a waist chain and give your waist curves the gift of something eclectic and attractive.

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