Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Waist Chain - An Accessory that Completes Your Traditional Look

A waist chain is a traditional chain worn on the waist. It is also known as belly chain. Traditionally, in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Marwar regions, a waist chain is referred to as “kamarbandh” This ornament is also known as kamarkas, katisutra, katibandha or kasabandha where Kamar or Kati means waist and bandh means bond or belt. In Southern India it is known as “Udiyanam” or “vadannam”. Kamarbandh is supposedly the origin of the word cummerband as we know it today.

Waist Chain

Historically waist chains have been very popular among women since thousands of years. A study of ancient carvings, sculptures and paintings dating back to Indus valley civilization reveal that waist chains were prevalent in those times and were pretty popular with women. In some regions waist chains were worn by men as well. They were worn to signify the affluence or status of men within the society.

Waist chains are generally made of superior quality metals like silver or gold. The use of diamonds, precious gemstones and kundan accentuate the look of a waist chain. Waist chains worn in regular wear tend to be single chained while those adorned by brides are multi layered to give a heavy look appropriate for the wedding. Waist chains made of pure gold go well with silk sarees. Waist belts with diamonds are preferred for ghagra cholis with heavy embroidery in silver or white hues. Kundan waist bands in red and green are all time favourites and go well with any saree or ghagra choli. Traditional sarees and ghagra cholis are markedly created in these all time favourite basic colors like maroon crimson, deep green, bright red and hence kundan waist bands in those colors can never go wrong. If the color of your wedding attire is a little on the quirky side you can always get a waist belt custom made with colorful gemstones while using a matching or contrasting color scheme.
Vilandi Waist Belt in Gold Plating. Image Source: Benzerworld

There are various options for jewelry available on http://www.benzerworld.com/ worn on the face and neck of a bride. But if a bride wants to complete her traditional look, she needs other jewelry as well like  waist chains for waist and anklets for her ankles. As a piece of jewelry, a waist belt is not just classic but also royal. Without something as beautiful as a waist chain, the midriff of a bride would look bare and boring. A waist chain not only looks stylish but also helps to keep a traditional attire like saree in place. So flaunt  a waist chain and give your waist curves the gift of something eclectic and attractive.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Casual Clothing Rules Are Not That Casual

Here I start with something casual though you will understand soon that it’s not that casual. A standout amongst the hardest to understand clothing type is casual clothing. The name itself gives the idea that we are not supposed to take it seriously. Though the more unconcerned we are about it, the more challenges it poses to our dressing decisions.

Casual dress code is mostly used while dressing for birthday parties, engagement functions and other exceptional social get-together, hanging out with friends and sometimes dinners and dates. One notable characteristic about casual clothing is that it allows a room for skin show which implies that casual stuff can sometimes create great uproar and cause a feeling of inconvenience and discomfort to people more oriented towards uptight and formal clothing.

Clothing regulations while dressing casually can be at times confusing and hard to fathom. Misunderstand the rules for casual wear and you'll stand out like a sore thumb. You would prefer not to be the only gentleman in a tuxedo while others loiter in loose garments. However you would prefer not to be the man in vest and sarong when everybody's dressed formally.

Casual Wear For Men

The most acceptable in casuals are jeans and t-shirts. A tee is appropriately suitable so long as it covers enough of your middle body and has no additional openings because of wear and tear. Matched with pants or khakis, you'd get a splendid worthy outfit to wear to an easygoing style party.

Savvy, dressed down, business casual- Call it by any name you want, they have become quite popular and are here to stay. The downfall of 9-to-5 suit-and-tie style has left a void open wanting to be filled up by smart casuals. This look mainly consists of lighter traditional choices for pants such as khakis, Oxford button-down shirts and less formal footwear such as loafers or even well-kept athletic shoes. Most offices have given the nod for denims with the condition that your final appearance is decent enough. Yet rather than going too bold, keep your denim dim and dress it up with jackets and thin lined ties. All business casual apparel should be properly pressed and presentable.

Casual Footwear

Thus in my opinion though "Casual" may appear straightforward and numb skull evident, however, it exactly isn't what it appears to be. Despite getting a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can wear, the standard necessities of advanced style are still in full constrained and hence make it imperative that you pay enough attention to choosing right casuals and don’t brush off the decision aside just casually...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Is Formal Wear Equivalent To Office Wear

Formal wear for men or women is a very generic term for clothing that is appropriate for formal events like wedding, dinner, dance or race.For understanding whether formal wear is equal to office wear or not we need to probe deeper into the many types of formal wear

White Tie Events:
The most formal dress code is worn on a white tie event. It is reserved for ultra formal events like award ceremonies and political dinners.
Dress Code For Women:
Floor length ball gowns or evening gowns are the general acceptable dress code for women.
Dress Code For Men:
A tailcoat; formal trousers; white piqué bow tie; white piqué vest (waistcoat); white piqué front or plain stiff-fronted shirt with a detachable wing collar; cuff links and shirt studs; black patent leather court shoe; accessories.
Dress Code for White Tie Events
Dress Code for White Tie Events

Black Tie Events:
Black Tie events are less formal than white tie events. But they are still formal enough to demand a proper formal dressing. Such events usually include evening  gatherings and functions.
Dress Code For Women:
A woman can opt for knee length dress or a little black dress though evening gowns are also preferred.
Dress Code For Men:
Men still have to wear a tuxedo but the rules regarding shirts and bow ties are not that stringent. Hence the shirt can be black instead of white and the bow tie can be colored or printed depending on personal choice of the person.
Business Formal:
Dress Code For Women:
Dress pants with formal shirt and formal shoes. In South Asian region even sarees and salwar kameez or churidar are considered appropriate for office.

Business Formals for Men
Business Formals for Men

Tuxedoes and suits are not really comfortable for workplace wear on a daily basis except for the personnel in the upper echelon of the corporate sector. The CEO, CFO and the MD of the companies might prefer to be in suits and blazers. But for a normal office goer, wearing it may not really be feasible or comfortable enough. Normal workplace attire includes a formal shirt in plain or checks and matching pants. A tie is not compulsory at some places but it’s better to wear one when there are meetings or presentations planned since they enhance the professional look of the wearer.
Festive Formals-Jodhpuri and Sherwani for Men
Festive Formals-Jodhpuri and Sherwani for Men

Festive Formals:

Another whole section of formal wear is one that is designed to be worn on occasions and is widely known as festive formals.
The festive formals include traditional wear and are happily flaunted in times of festivities.
Dress Code For Women:
Festive formals include sarees, ghagra cholis, and churidar kurtas with heavy embroidery work.
Dress Code For Men:
Festive formals for men include Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits that render a royal appeal to the whole fun and frolic going in the festivities.
Looking at the general explanation corresponding to formal attire of different types,  it must be obvious to you that formal wear is not just restricted to office wear, workplace wear or corporate wear. It includes many other types of dressing and office wear is just a part of the whole formal wear range of clothing. Hence we can safely conclude that formal wear is not equivalent to office wear and it is a much more comprehensive term which includes ultra formal wear like white tie or black tie and also festive formals.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top Clutch Bag Styles that I love

Though I am a physical fitness trainer I admire beauty in every sphere of life. There have been many recent incidents where I saw my female friends and acquaintances carrying clutch bags and I really liked some of the pieces. So I thought why not write some knick knacks on the clutch?

Clutch bags are mini purses and everyone who thinks small is beautiful would agree that clutches are super cute and beautiful. They give a much desired break from the monotony of the regular bags that are carried daily. The clutch bags are additionally apt when somebody does not have much to carry around during an event.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Latest Fad In Fitness-Yoga Jeans

What is that one apparel that all teenagers or youngsters prefer to wear in their day today life and would happily be caught dead in?
Unarguably it’s a pair of jeans. A well fitted jean is a fashion statement on its own. But what to wear when you are hitting the gym? Obviously you have to settle for sweatpants or yoga pants. What if I tell you that you can wear jeans to the gym? You would exclaim-It impossible!! Right? Wrong..Brands have come up with an amazing option for the fashion conscious fitness freaks called yoga jeans.

Friday, April 10, 2015

10 Gym Bag Essentials That Can Up Your Fashion And Fitness Quotient

Your gym bag has to be fully equipped before you hit the gym or you will end up being frustrated, worn out messy and smelly like a horse in the stable after a good run. These are some of the most basic essentials you should ideally carry to a gym if you wish to come out fresh, and fabulous.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani-Indian Groom’s Preferred Choice

Most of us think we have our climate classified into 4 main seasons- winter, spring, summer and autumn. But Indians have a fifth season-The Marriage Season. In this season, everybody besides the bride and groom is so excited that it results into a hullabaloo starting with shopping colourful clothes and ending with dancing on upbeat folk songs besides devouring mouthful of tasty Indian cuisines.