Friday, December 12, 2014

My Fascination For Fashion

Hello, I am Aaryav Sen. At any point of time; I would love to be called a foolish man of peace, than to be named as a wise man of war. Show me your weapons of war and I will show you my Constitution of peace.
I have been a physical fitness trainer since the time I completed my Masters in Arts. Yes! You read it right Masters in Arts. Landing from arts to fitness was a big leap. Taking such a big leap of faith proved to be fruitful. Today I am Aaryav Sen, a fitness trainer well known for his training skills and physical fitness mantras.

Being Fit Is Cool
Ever wondered, that the clothes we wear influence our own behavior and the way we think and act? Well, the answer is a strong positive inclination towards “Enclothed Cognition”. Don’t you think it would make sense that when you wear athletic clothing, you naturally become more active and are more likely to go to gym and work out? It happens with all of us, doesn't it? This is how fashion affects fitness and it affected me as well.

Being Fit Is Fashionable

This Blog depicts my fascination for fashion or rather fashion cum fitness and this is where I will be sharing my views and ideas with like minded people who are keen to be fit as well as fashionable.
Everyone agrees that fitness is good. It boosts your health, brightens your soul, calms your mind, and allows you to do more with your life. One need not be fit only to wear those fashionable slim clothes but also to be healthy. Wearing fashionable clothes for girls as well as boys have always been a motivating factor for going to gym, for me as well when I was a teenager.

Fashinashion-Your Latest Fashion Destination
What will this fashion blog talk about? What, when, where and how to wear clothes that accentuate your personality! What is trending and what is not and how to benefit the most from it?
Let’s stay fit and fabulous together...
Welcome to Aaryav Sen’s Nation of Fashion-fashinashion

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