Thursday, January 22, 2015

Work Out with Style and Substance

Its January now which means you should be done with all your year end parties Once the New Year sets in, most people get into the resolution making mode with one resolution being the top favorite -losing those extra inches. Now I would suggest a good workout not to lose weight but to keep fit. Working out at the gym means getting your best shape back. And getting back in shape means flaunting your best self.

Choosing clothes for workout isn't easy simply because the workout wear has to be comfortable enough to help in your exercise regime while making you appear stylish and keeping you motivated. Here are some pointers to keep you crystal clear about your workout clothing.

Stylish Workout Wear
The first thing to pay attention to is your clothing. Choose comfortable and well fitted clothing. Avoid the urge to look your modelling best with too tight, too loose or revealing showy clothes as you are going to a gym and not walking down the ramp. For exercises that involve a lot of leg movements, you can opt for shorts or capris. Make sure they fit well so that they don’t get caught in the machines or hinder your pace f exercising.
What not to wear: Cotton though popular as a comfortable fabric is hardly suitable for a gym. Fast to absorb but slow to dry it can leave you covered with sweat all over. There are other serious drawbacks for choosing cotton. It can cause skin irritations, body break outs and increase friction besides weighing you down heavily.
What to wear: Switch cotton for synthetics like lycra or spandex which are light weight and specially designed to help skin by drawing sweat away from skin. Look for coolmax and supplex fibers in your clothing which aids in maintaining the right body temperature.

Comfortable Footwear

What not to wear: Throw away your worn out shoes at the earliest.
What to wear: If you are doing a lot of running, look for something strong, sturdy and durable. If you are doing activities that don’t require much leg movement like weight lifting, you can opt for regular cross trainers. Whatever type you choose, make sure that the gym shoes are comfortable and provide your leg muscles enough support.

What not to wear: In the anxiety to look fabulous, many people flaunt jewelry at the gym which is nothing short of a mistake. Jewelry usually dangles and swings with your body movements hampering your pace of exercising. Keep all this fallals at bay while exercising.
What to wear: Wear accessories that will help your exercise for instance goggles for swimmers and wristbands for tennis players. Sun glasses are recommended for people running during the day. Any other fashion trinkets besides these aforementioned accessories should be shunned.

Exercise caution while using Earplugs

Ear Gear: If you are music buff and need an ear plug to get you in the groove, do wear them but set the volume in such a way that it does not shut you down completely and you remain aware of what is happening in the surroundings.

What not to wear: Do not wear strong perfumes or too many perfumes at the same time. The smell of perfumes gets more intense when sweat mixes with perfumes. Hence exercise caution while choosing your fragrance. Also avoid applying much of lotion or cream as it tends to loosen your grip while leaving dirty marks on the handles of equipments you use.
What to wear: Opt for fragrance free oil free lotion. Runners can use sunscreen if they are supposed to run outdoors in daytime. Use one deodorant and skip everything else while in a gym.

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