Friday, April 10, 2015

10 Gym Bag Essentials That Can Up Your Fashion And Fitness Quotient

Your gym bag has to be fully equipped before you hit the gym or you will end up being frustrated, worn out messy and smelly like a horse in the stable after a good run. These are some of the most basic essentials you should ideally carry to a gym if you wish to come out fresh, and fabulous.

1. A Happening Gym Bag:
You need a good duffel bag which is stylish, sturdy and roomy. The reason you need a stylish but sturdy gym bag is that you are going to carry all the below mentioned items in it and the list is pretty comprehensive. You can also choose a backpack though most people prefer the duffel bags due to convenience.
2. A Cool Water Bottle: 
If you are exercising, you are going to be thirsty as well. Carry a water bottle that is stainless steel and spill proof. Consider insulated ones if you wish your water to stay cool. Make sure the bottle is unbreakable to save yourself from extra hassles of buying one new bottle every time you or someone else accidentally drops it on the floor.
3. Healthy Nutrition Bars:
A workout means you are drained and need an extra splurge of energy to get going for your routine. Keep some nutritional snack bars ready for satisfying those hunger pangs arising after workout.

Healthy Nutrition Bars
4. Suave Shakers (filled with protein shake of course):
It hardly matters how hard you work, you still need extra proteins; because your body doesn’t have enough protein to effectively rebuild and repair your muscles. Most of the times, your diet isn’t sufficient to give you enough proteins. Prepare protein shakes and carry them along with you in the shakers. If your dietitian or trainer has advised you to consume the shake before workout, you can have the shake at home and skip this altogether.
5. Stylish And Soft Towel:
Some gyms provide you towels while some don’t. Whatever the case may be you should carry your own towel rather than using the ones provided by the gym which might be used by someone else. See that you invest in a fluffy, soft, stylish, super absorbent towel for comfort.
6. Timer And Heart Rate Monitor:
According to your workout goals, you would want to keep a tab on your activities and your success ratio in keeping up with the goals. So have a cool timer handy. It would be great if you could lay your hands on a wrist watch which has in built timer and heart rate monitor so that you don’t have to carry them separately.
Heart Rate Monitor

7. Fashionable Flip Flops:
You work out in sneakers but you don’t take a shower in them. Floors at gyms are breeding ground for germs and you always have a chance of catching infections, the most common one being athlete’s foot. Hence carry a good pair of flip flops or water resistant rubber sandals that are fashionable and can protect you from germs while in shower.
8. Stylish Spare Clothes And Laundry Bags:
Unless you plan to return home like a filthy stinky gunny bag from the gym, carry an extra pair of stylish clothes to change and an odour absorbing laundry bag or a plastic tote bag to store your sweaty gym wear. This way you can make sure to appear cool even if you are meeting someone right after stepping out of the gym.
9. Latest Model Of Music Player:
It’s not necessary to have the ‘latest’ music player, yet you should invest in a good music player and head phones. Carry them along with you to gym as the right music can not only elevate your mood but it can also set the correct pace for your workouts.
Gym Bag Essentials

10. Cool Workout Journal/Fitness Tracker Apps:
Setting goals and being aware of the fact that you have completed them, motivates you to work harder and better in the future. You can keep a cool journal to jot down how much you worked out and how much more exercising is needed to accomplish your goals. Nowadays many apps provide this facility to track your progress and if you come across a good app, you can choose it over the traditional journal.

Apart from the stylish stuff mentioned above, there are some other gyms essentials like creams, cosmetics and first aid products to carry to the gym but more on that will be coming up in the following posts. 
With this list you can hit the gym and break the records to turn into your best self. So till we meet next time, all you fitness freaks out there...

Stay Fit, Stay Fashionable, Stay Fabulous!!!!!!

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