Monday, April 20, 2015

Latest Fad In Fitness-Yoga Jeans

What is that one apparel that all teenagers or youngsters prefer to wear in their day today life and would happily be caught dead in?
Unarguably it’s a pair of jeans. A well fitted jean is a fashion statement on its own. But what to wear when you are hitting the gym? Obviously you have to settle for sweatpants or yoga pants. What if I tell you that you can wear jeans to the gym? You would exclaim-It impossible!! Right? Wrong..Brands have come up with an amazing option for the fashion conscious fitness freaks called yoga jeans.

Yoga Jeans

What are yoga jeans?
Yoga Jeans are jeans of course, made from denim but there is a twist in the form of weave . Yoga jeans are made from basic fabric like cotton and denim but the weave is such that they are much more flexible, much more breathable and muck more stretchable. Most yoga jeans prepared by brands have a shape retention ratio of above 90% compared to the industry standard of 60-65%
Another specific quality that yoga jeans possess is that they have a better waistband as compared to normal jeans. This waist bands ensures that they stick to the curve of your body while you are exercising at the gym or practicing yoga.

Yoga In Yoga Jeans Is Thoroughly Comfortable

Like normal jeans yoga jeans are available in varied options like normal length or ankle length, high waist, low waist. There are different sizes available coz no one size fits all women and it’s a sin to offer a standard size to women. Skinny jeans are also available for the style conscious. Earlier only women preferred skinny jeans but now men have started following the latest fad and started embracing the yoga jeans for men. They are available in darker shades of blue, black and grey and look fashionable in every sense.
Yoga jeans can be considered the next evolutionary step in the genes of jeans.

So Gear Up For Fashion And Fitness

What are the benefits of wearing yoga jeans? 
You can hurry anywhere from the gym without any worry.
You can appear stylish and svelte while exercising or practicing yoga.
You can change the top and be ready for college or a date.

Yoga Jeans are the latest additions to the jeans for men and women arena that have made fitness regime more convenient and stylish as they provide utmost comfort quotient along with enhancing the trendy style statement. Such trends go a long way considering everyone is now adopting the latest style trends in terms of fashion with fitness. As they say, everyone needs to look their best and what more could you wish for after getting to wear a superb pair of jeans to exercise in.

So till we meet next time, all you fitness freaks out there...

Stay Fit, Stay Fashionable, Stay Fabulous!!!!!!

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