Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top Clutch Bag Styles that I love

Though I am a physical fitness trainer I admire beauty in every sphere of life. There have been many recent incidents where I saw my female friends and acquaintances carrying clutch bags and I really liked some of the pieces. So I thought why not write some knick knacks on the clutch?

Clutch bags are mini purses and everyone who thinks small is beautiful would agree that clutches are super cute and beautiful. They give a much desired break from the monotony of the regular bags that are carried daily. The clutch bags are additionally apt when somebody does not have much to carry around during an event.

Clutch bags are available in a variety of fabric, colors and sizes.  The fabric could range from shimmer to silk besides leather. They are available in a variety of sizes. Those who prefer to carry just a card and a phone a tiny piece will suffice. For those who are the cautious type and carry a variety of other knick knacks like keys and cosmetics there are those large ones with enough room for everything.

The fasteners occasionally determine the pricing and popularity of every clutch bag. Some clutches have a single buckle or maybe a magnetic clasp, but others have a zipper on the clutch bag which can alter the appearance of the clutch altogether.

Had I been a woman, my favourite wardrobe staples in clutch bags would be

A Designer Clutch:

A designer clutch which is exceptional and customized to fit my style would be an absolute must in my wardrobe. It can be laced or beaded or fur lined depending upon how I wish the clutch to reflect the mood for that environment. In short it would be a piece crafted to fit my overall look.

Striped Clutch:

Stripes are on the verge of beating everything in the fashion scene. Wear your stripes right; be it on the clutch or your grip is a fashion mantra everyone should learn well in time. The striped patterned grip of the clutch flavours up a simple look in a jiffy and I would invariably invest in one of these striped ones.

Neon Fold-Over Clutch:

Neon has become a major hit with the fashionistas. Fluorescent orange or neon pink is the latest ‘wow’ thing among women. A neon clutch brightens up the personality and is sure to seize eyeballs. Had I been a woman, I would not miss a single chance to make other woman envious and what better way to do so than with a neon clutch?

A glitzy clutch and a little black dress is all that I ask for in a lady. Is it too much to ask for? I definitely think not.

Till we meet next time- Stay Fit and Stay Fabulous!!!

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